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The Best Of Southern Peru : 20D 09/06/2018 09/25/2018   Book now
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Salkantay & Inca Trail To Machu Picchu : 8D 09/12/2018 09/19/2018   Book now
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Royal Inca : 7D

from : USD 1644.00
SEASON All year

7 Days / 6 Nights

(Cusco - Cusco)

ACTIVITIES History, culture, spa, specialized nature exploration

This tour combines fascinating Inca and colonial history, breathtaking biological diversity, exploration of fascinating archaeological sites and all the comfort of deluxe hotels. We will visit the historic city of Cusco, where with the arrival of the Spanish Inca temples and palaces were converted into the foundations of magnificent neo-Baroque churches and mansions. In the hills above the city, we will explore the fascinating archaeological park of Sacsayhuaman, with its monolithic Inca remains. In the verdant Sacred Valley of the Incas, we will wander through colorful local markets and be guided to ancient palaces and temples. And, of course, we will visit Machu Picchu, that testament to the architectural skill of Peru’s ancient inhabitants, lost for centuries amid lush tropical vegetation. Welcome to the mysterious, magical and sacred world of the Incas!

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Day 1: Cusco (City Tour)

Day 1: Cusco (City Tour)

You will be met at the airport and transferred to your hotel. You will have the morning free to get used to the altitude (3300 meters / 10,900 feet) and to wander through the narrow streets of the historic center of the city. In the afternoon we will explore the fascinating historic center of Cusco, where Inca temples and palaces form the foundations of Spanish churches and mansions. We will visit the Inca Temple of the Sun and the colonial-era cathedral. Our walk will take us through the traditional artists’ quarter of San Blas.

Overnight stay in a deluxe hotel in Cusco


Day 2: Cusco (Sacsayhuaman)

Day 2: Cusco (Sacsayhuaman)

On day two we will visit the impressive Sacsayhuaman Archaeological Park. This great complex was once the Inca “House of the Sun,” composed of temples, palaces and astronomical observatories. Many of the stones which form the walls weigh up to 130 tons each and were positioned with incredible precision. In the hills above Cusco, we will enjoy a picnic lunch made from delicious local delicacies, before return to Cusco.

Overnight stay in a deluxe hotel in Cusco


Day 3: Sacred Valley of The Incas (Pisaq)

We will leave the city in the early morning and head by bus to the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Along the way, we will visit a weaving center and museum, where local weavers will explain the textile making process from shearing, spinning and dyeing with plant extracts to the actual weaving process. From here we will continue our tour by visiting the archaeological site of Pisaq. This charming colonial-era village with its lively local market is situated at the base of a mountain upon which the Incas built a fortified temple complex. We will have plenty of time to explore this beautiful place. After a picnic with fantastic views of the Sacred Valley far below, we will visit the colorful handicraft market in the village, and in the afternoon we will drive to our beautiful hotel located in the grounds of a former hacienda. Here you will have the option to relax with a great massage and /or Jacuzzi in the hotel spa, before enjoying an excellent gourmet dinner prepared with traditional ingredients.

Overnight stay in a deluxe hotel in Urubamba



Day 4: Sacred Valley of The Incas (Inca terraces of Moray & Maras salt pans, riding Peruvian Paso horses)

Another special experience awaits us today. We will explore the beautiful countryside of the high plains of Chinchero, located above the Sacred Valley of the Incas, on the backs of magnificent Peruvian Paso horses. We will visit the Inca agricultural laboratory of Moray and the pre-Inca salt pans of Maras. On the way, we will stop to taste some local delicacies, and there will be plenty of time to admire our natural surroundings from a panoramic picnic spot. In the afternoon, we will return to our deluxe hotel in the Sacred Valley for some more relaxing spa treatments.

Overnight stay in a deluxe hotel in Urubamba


Day 5: Ollantaytambo - Machu Picchu

After breakfast, we will drive for approximately 30 minutes to the typical village of Ollantaytambo. This charming village is often described as a living museum, where the descendants of the Incas continue to live in the houses built by their ancestors, below an imposing Inca temple complex. We will explore the attractions of this fascinating site with our expert guide, before boarding the train that will follow the course of the Urubamba River for one and a half hours to the village of Aguas Calientes, located beneath the ruins of Machu Picchu. The rest of the day will be dedicated to relaxation. The hotel we will stay in has fabulous orchid gardens and spa facilities for you to enjoy.

Overnight stay in a deluxe hotel in Aguas Calientes


Day 6: Machu Picchu - Cusco

Day 6: Machu Picchu - Cusco

In the early morning we will drive up to the most famous archaeological site in South America: the enigmatic ruins of the Lost City of the Incas, legendary Machu Picchu. Seeing this magnificent city is a once in a lifetime experience. You will visit this spellbinding site in the company of our highly experienced and knowledgeable guide. The day will end with a luxurious train ride aboard the Hiram Bingham carriage back to Cusco.

Overnight stay in our deluxe hotel in Cusco


Day 7: Cusco - Lima

You will be escorted to Cusco airport for your domestic flight to Lima and international connections.



TRANSPORT Private transportation for  tours
OVERNIGHTS Hotel ***6 / Total Nights 6
TOURS According to program + expert guide
ENTRANCE FEE / PERMITS BTG and Machu Picchu  Historic Sanctuary


Not included

EXTRAS Travel insurance, tips, tours & meals not mentioned in the itinerary.


Rates 2019

2019 cost per persons in US dollars

Service 1 pax 2-3 Pax 4-5 Pax 6+ Pax
PRIVATE LUXURY (HTL****) Minimum 3 865 3 260 3 080
PRIVATE  COMFORTABLE (HTL ***) Minimum 2 600 1 950 1 755
BASIC (HOTEL**) 2 710 1 759    


Luxury:                    4 & 5-star hotels

Comfortable:     3-star hotels

Basic:                       Shared service & 3-star hostels



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