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Choquequirao : 5D

from : USD 1967.00
SEASON April to November
DURATION 5 Days / 4 Nights (Cusco - Cusco)
FITNESS LEVEL Very active – strenuous with steep climbs, long distances and occasional narrow paths with sheer drops
ACTIVITIES Horse supported hiking, camping, Andean culture, nature exploration & history

Note: campsite locations flexible


The Quechua name “Choquequirao” means “cradle of gold” and this Inca site is located high above the raging Apurimac River, surrounded by lush tropical cloud forest. This was one of the last refuges of the Incas after the Spanish invasion. The route to Choquequirao will take you through spectacular scenery, from arid slopes dotted with cacti to dense cloud forest inhabited by many bird species, watched over throughout the trek by the great snow peaks the Incas believed were gods. This trip is a wonderful opportunity to explore one of Peru’s remotest mountain regions and least well-known Inca cities.


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Day 1: Cusco - Cachora - Chiquiska

Day 1: Cusco - Cachora - Chiquiska

An early morning scenic bus ride of approximately four hours through high Andean plains will bring us to the village of Cachora, from where we will drive on a country road to Capuliyoq, where we will meet our mule drivers. We will begin with a gentle hike along an old mining road to Capuliyoq Pass (2800 meters / 9,240 feet). From this pass, we will have our first mesmerizing view of the deep Apurimac canyon and the surrounding snow peaks. After resting and enjoying the scenery, we will continue our descent of approximately three hours along a dusty trail, zigzagging down the arid wall of the canyon, to our first camp.

Camp at Chiquiska (1800 meters / 6000 feet)



Day 2: Chiquiska - Choquequirao

Day 2: Chiquiska - Choquequirao

After a nourishing breakfast, we will continue our descent to the valley floor, where we will cross the Apurimac River (1495 meters / 5000 feet). From here we will start to climb the long, steep trail (approximately five hours) to our destination: the impressive archaeological complex of Choquequirao, where we should arrive just in time to enjoy a breathtaking sunset over the deep canyon and the surrounding mountains.

Camp at Choquequirao (3000 meters / 9,900 feet)




Day 3: Choquequirao

Day 3: Choquequirao

During the morning we will visit the restored section of Choquequirao and explore some of the ruins that are still covered by lush cloud forest vegetation. Much work has been done in recent years to excavate, clear and restore the site. After lunch, those who choose to can visit the Cascade House (restored buildings and terraces some 300 meters (1000 feet) below the main structures of Choquequirao). Later, our evening meal will consist of a typical Peruvian “pachamanca” (traditional Andean ingredients cooked in the earth). Volunteers to help with the preparation will be welcome! From the highest point of the archaeological site (the “usno” or ceremonial platform) there are fine views of the Apurimac canyon far below, and if we are fortunate we may even see a great Andean condor soar above us.

Camp at Choquequirao (3000 meters / 9,900 feet)


Day 4: Choquequirao - Cocamazana

After breakfast we will begin the long descent to the Apurimac River, where we will stop for lunch and a rest, before the three-hour climb to our last camp at Cocamazana. On our last night together we will enjoy an excellent meal with spectacular views of Choquequirao and the Apurimac Canyon. 

Camp at Cocamazana (2300 meters / 7,600 feet)


Day 5: Cocamazana - Cachora - Cusco

To avoid the intense sun, we will start our day early with the climb up to Kapuliyoq Pass (2800 meters / 9,250 feet), after 4 hours of hiking, we will board our vehicle for the return drive to Cusco.



TRANSPORT Private transportation for tours
HOTEL Camping 4 / Total Nights 4
TOURS According to program
ENTRANCE FEE / PERMITS To Choquequirao national park
STAFF Bilingual guide / cook / wranglers / mules / emergency saddlehorses


Not included

EXTRAS Travel insurance, sleeping bags, tips, tours & meals not mentioned in the itinerary


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