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Our family of four (incl 2 teenagers) had a great time on this 3 day/2 night trip through the Sacred Valley and the Inca Trail. The trip was a success because of the flexibility and professionalism, Marco Palomino from Culturas Peru and Hernan Hermoza our private guide, demonstrated planning the trip and during the trip. They really wanted us to enjoy our trip so they made sure it matched our interests. For example, Hernan added a visit to a condor rescue center and to a local market on our itinerary.. The only slight regret is that the pass to Machu Pucchu didn't include access to Wayna Picchu but ovrrall, the trip was well organized and we would recommend it for people who don't have the time for the 7 day or 4 day inca trail but still want to experience the magic of arriving to Machu Picchu via the Sun Gate!

Family W ()


Did a 2-day trek with professional guide Hernan Hermoza and a friend. Day one consist of a 7k modest hike, ending at the sun gate with excellent views of Macchu Picchu. The train stops a few km before Aquas Calientes and the trail meets up with the last day of the 5-day Inca Trail. This was a good alternative if you're short on time but want to experience some hiking. Day two is spent within the park. Our guide, Hernan Hermoza, part of Culturas Peru in Cuzco, was extremely helpful in identifying Inka sites, botany and fauna. Highly recommended site and guide.

Douglas Wengell (USA)


Inka trail hike.  Wonderful way to see the area and visit the remote site of Wiñay Huayna.  Perfect for an athletic family that can take a six hour hike up and down at altitude.  Great way to enter Machu Picchu.

Hiram Bingham Train:  good food and wine and fun group.  Very  special to have Thanksgiving dinner as a family on the way to Cusco.

Plaza Nazaranes Hotel:  beautiful property with excellent food  and staff.  Big room.  Great location.  Inkaterra Hotel, Aguas Calientes:  excellent food, fun and nice staff, very good public rooms.

Climbing Wanya Picchu:  Mackenzie and I really enjoyed the challenge and the view-all safely.

Machu Picchu:  incredible site and location.  Definitely one of a kind. 

Food In Tents:  three great picnics with wonderful views, Peruvian food, and service.

Maras site and Horseback Ride There:  what a way to see altiplano  and arrive at this interesting site.

Chinchero:  fun market, lunch and ruins. 

Team:  Hernan, Alejandro, Marco, etc.  all nice and professional. Special call out to Marco and Hernan for being fun with Pierce and Mackenzie.

Thomas Glanville (USA)


Mario was fun and very knowledgeable. He was always ready to make care of our group in any way he could.

The Salkantay trek was an incredible trip, the wranglers all helpful and cheerful, the food was phenomenal, the organization and efficiency amazing.

Susan Faust (USA)


We are very impressed by the history of the Incas, and what they were able to accomplish. We will never forget the Scared Valley

After all our worries about the trail and the elevation, your service and Mario’s expertise truly made this hike a success, and something we will always be proud of. The weather worked out fine, the camp under the gorgeous face of Salkantay made everything else worthwhile.  The coordination with all the service providers was very well done. Thank you!!!!

Harold Faust (USA)


Peru is an absolutely gorgeous country. I went with my mom and one of her close friends on a 10 day trip this past summer and it was amazing. Our travel agency, Culturas Peru, thought of everything to ensure that we had a trip of a lifetime. I liked that Culturas Peru strongly recommended that we arrive a few days before we planned on getting on the Inca Trail to acclimate to Cusco and being so high above sea level. We had several tours prior to the Inca Trail, which was wonderful because we gained so much knowledge about Peru and its history and culture. On the Inca Trail we had an excellent guide, Hernan Hermoza, who was by far the most knowledgeable of all of the guides we had--any questions from history, to astronomy, to culture--he knew the answer to everything. He was very encouraging the entire trip and was like we were walking with another old friend. The porters were all extremely nice, the cook was amazing. The whole trip was unforgettable. I would definitely recommend going to Machu Picchu through Culturas Peru.

Shorttwin -Tripadvisor user (Saint Charles, Illinois)


The trip and service provided by our guide Hernan, our chef Rolando, helper Gustavo, wranglers Antonio, Mario FAR exceeded my expectations!!

Every detail was well organized and we were treated very respectfully by everyone. Hernan was an exceptional guide – friendly, knowledgeable, understanding of my physical limitations. He suggested an alternative itinerary for me on Day 4, which was the right decision. His explanation of geography and history of Peru was thorough and very interesting .

The meals created by our chef were phenomenal , we looked forward  to our every meal!! Special thanks to ”Pedro” for helping me to reach the top on Day 1!

I would definitely recommend Culturas Peru to my friends!!!

Thank you also to Fernando and Kike for their excellent service

This trip was amazing

Elizabeth Vitu & Amber Rees ()


Great  life experience !!! died woman’s almost did me in but I made it at age 72, wonderful staff & guide. Will recommend Culturas Peru highly, to my friends and associates.

Thomas Blasczyk (USA)


This was my first hiking experience and I couldn’t have asked for a better guide. He was extremely knowledgeable about the Inca Trail, including the animals, flowers, stars, food, culture, history and navigation. He was so friendly and patient with our group. He was always smiling and making jokes, I had such an amazing experience.
Thank you for sharing him with us!!!

Caitlin McGill (USA)


Guide was knowledgeable, patient, pleasant personality and over all concerns for our Group. The porters and cooks were clean, kind and very accommodating, food was excellent and tents large and clean. I would very highly recommend Culturas Peru to anyone to come to Peru and I had choice to have Hernan as their guide.

Michael McGill (USA)


This was an incredible, perfect trip and I know (Mario Tribeño) and the rest of the team (Kike, Fernando, Gustavo, etc ,) were a big part of making the experience special,. We will recommend Culturas Peru to our friends back home. Thanks for the memories!!

Alexandra & Nancy Reed (USA)


My two friends and I used the company Culturas Peru for our trip to Peru, including tours in the Cusco area and the hike on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. I can honestly say that Culturas was the most amazing company I have ever worked with. From our arrangements while still in the United States to every detail in Peru--hotels, hiking, airport transfers, etc. there was no detail too small for them to care about. They even worked hard to get our luggage returned to us when the airline we flew from the United States did not bring it along on our flight down. As so many have mentioned the Inca Trail was a tremendous physical challenge, but so amazing at every turn. Our porters were kind and thoughtful, our cook prepared incredible meals while we were on the trail (we still cannot believe how he did this out in the wilderness), and we had an extraordinary guide, Hernan Hermoza who was thoughtful, knowledgeable, supportive, and attended to everything we needed. We could not believe how well versed Hernan was on so many different subjects--botany, history, zoology, astronomy, and he shared all of that with us. Truly when we departed from Peru, we knew we had made a new friend in Hernan and were sad that our trip was at an end. If you are planning a trip to hike the Inca Trail in Peru, you could not chose a better company than Culturas Peru, whose manager Marco arranged every detail from start to finish for us. Moreover, if you go with Culturas, try to get Hernan as your guide.

Pamela Zimmermann ()


Muy estimado Enrique, te agradezco de manera infinita todo el apoyo y asesoría que nos brindaste desde antes de solicitar sus servicios hasta el día último en que nos llevaste al aeropuerto. El haber estado en un lugar como Cusco fue un sueño que desde niño tuve y doy gracias a Dios que lo pude compartir con mi esposa. Fue una gran ventaja contar con el respaldo de una empresa profesional como la de ustedes el que nos haya permitido visitar y conocer los lugares más importantes de la región y sus costumbres, no puedo expresar de manera real el agradecimiento hacia ti y todo tu equipo de trabajo, de manera muy especial agradezco al Sr. Raúl Pinedo que fue nuestro guía y que es una persona excelente así como al sr. Fernando quien estuvo encargado de transportarnos hacia los lugares solicitados.
Muchísimas gracias por todas sus atenciones, espero en Dios el siguiente año nos podamos volver a encontrar , quedo a sus apreciables órdenes.

Muy atentamente 




Carlos Alberto Aleman (Mexico)


Hola!! que tal Enrique,

Quedamos muy contentas con el tour, muy buena distribución de los tiempos, para el poco tiempo que fuimos creo que conocimos muchisimo y muy buena disposición de todos, quedamos muy contentas! gracias

Fernanda Ruiz Olea (Mexico)


Hi Marco…

I am happy to report I am settling back into routine at home and reflecting on the incredible journey we just experienced.


The adventure was action packed, wonderfully organized and  seamlessly executed.  The guides (Gladys, Gerardo and Mario) were fantastic, punctual, attentive and did their best to meet the demands of 7 demanding women!!  We did have the odd physical problems (nausea, diarrhoea and altitude stuff) and dealt with that.  The private bus from Arequipa to Puno COULD NOT HAVE COME AT A BETTER time as Marta was extremely sick on that ride and a public bus would have been a nightmare…so the universe provided what we needed.

The homestay in lakeTitikaka was a wonderful experience and so glad it was included on our journey!!  The Encantada Hotel in Cusco was great AND YOUR STAFF THERE IS WONDERFUL!!  Mary Belle is a shining star…lucky you!!

Thank you for an amazing experience in Perú.





Hilda Nyquvest (Canada)

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