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About us

About our trips


Peru is one of the most diverse countries to visit and offers something to cater to everyone’s tastes. At CULTURAS PERU we aim to provide you with the very best of Peru. For this reason, we offer a wide variety of programs, from adventure hikes to culture and ecology tours. Of course we also organize trips catered to the individual’s personal rhythm and style.


Culturas Peru Tents

It is very important for us that each visitor has enough space and time to enjoy this unique experience completely. Therefore we work with small groups and offer personalized attention. We don’t want you just to observe but also to participate, getting to know our culture and traditions. We can’t promise eternal sunshine on your trip or the sight of condors, jaguars or other wild animals. We promise, though, to make your stay an unforgettable experience, through our professionalism and dedication.


Inka Trail, Tourist , Guides, and Porters

We  have a professional team of co-workers with years of experience, dedicated to offering the service and attention you deserve: bilingual guides will teach you the wonders of our history and culture, creative cooks will surprise you with their magical ability to providing delicious meals in the remotest campsites, wranglers with their mules and porters will take care of our equipment and organize the most comfortable campsites, not forgetting our office staff who takes care of all the logistics, assuring that everything goes according to plan.

All our personnel is trained in their specific area: first aid, cooking (new recipes) and hygiene (camp sites which respect the ecology of the place) and our equipment (tents, cars, etc.) is constantly maintained and renewed for your comfort and safety. On our hikes and expeditions we provide the best camping equipment (spacious EUREKA double and comfortable dining tents), all our gear is transported on mules and we have saddle horses as support for those who would rather ride.

Our main objectives are: Preserving the attractions that we include in our programs (we are members of the Peruvian Association of Adventure and Eco-Tourism Agencies: CARTUC), the fair and decent treatment of each

one of our Culturas Peru Co-Workers (Porters, Wranglers, Cooks and Guides) and of course the security, comfort and satisfaction of our clients. Let us prove to you our professionalism and the quality of our service!


About us

We have been working  more than  20 years in tourism in Peru, as a tour conductor and guide for diverse foreigner companies: GAP, PEREGRIN, PISA TREKKING, ADVENTURE LIFE, etc.
so many years of experience working in tourism, After working with foreigner outfitters I decide to establish a new company in which I can deal in a direct way with my clients.

By experience, we understand the traveler´s  needs  while travelling in a country were the culture and language are so different.  Feel safe away from home. Apart from showing you our country’s natural and architectural wonders we also want to show you the vitality of our culture and its heritage, so full of mystery and tradition.

Marco Palomino - Culturas PeruMarco Antonio Palomino was born and raised in Cusco. As an official tourist guide, he worked as a Tour Conductor in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, and as a route guide in the Cusco region. His passion is the Andean culture and its traditions and he guides many of our hiking tours and cultural trips. Marco is an adventurer and loves exploring new routes to remote places, so as well as being in charge of our company’s operations, he guides occasional expeditions.


Nicole Erb - Culturas PeruNicole Gabriela Erb was born and raised in Switzerland. After finishing her studies in Business Administration in Switzerland, she traveled around Central and South America, a dream come true for her. She made her new home in Peru and for the last 19 years, worked as a tour conductor in Peru and as a guide in Cusco. She now runs the Cusco Agency and guides some of our groups.



Kike Conchacalle with a degree in turism he works in the office, organizing the logistics of the trips. Thanks to his dedication and love to Perú our clients are more than happy.


About our Guides

Every one of them are graduated in tourism, with the experience of years working  in  the adventure and traditional fields,  and the passion for the nature and culture. They will share with you the magic of Perú.

Rogger Salas - Guide Culturas PeruRogger Salas: Born in Cusco,  years of experience in traditional and adventure tourism. Rogger is specialized on treks in the Machu Picchu National park.
Languages: English, Spanish 


Vidal Jaquehua - Guide Culturas PeruVidal Jaquehua, Born in Cusco, years of experience in tourism. Adventure and traditional guide and tour conductor in Peru and Bolivia.
Languages: English, Spanish and Quechua

Our Porters, Wranglers and Cooks

Delicious Meals Trips Culturas PeruOur local cooks are always trained in hygiene and the preparation of new dishes and will surprise you with the most delicious meals in remote campsites.

Our Quechua Wranglers and Porters are in charge of all our gear and will always await us with safe and comfortable camp sites.
Rolando Bonilla


Tandapata 354-A Cusco - Perú
Phone & Fax: +51 84 243629
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